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About Qubaatic Company: Qubaatic Edutech Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore based company & having enriched experience in offering various training programs based on advanced Self Assessment tools & techs, thought provoking exercises, various creative visualization & state of Art techniques. Programs designed are based on Proven Studies (Intense Research & Study), Activate Brain / Stimulates Mind & effective Training Approach.

About Program

Whole Brain Development Program

Qmat is very effective Training program for Whole Brain Development. Student use ABACUS as a learning device/tool. Eventually they start calculating arithmetic so fast and accurate. During this process student develop Whole Brain (Left & Right Hemisphere)believing in their own capabilities. It gives us immense pleasure to witness our audience’s paradigm shift during and after workshops.

Why was the abacus used?
Before computers, calculators, or even arithmetic using paper and pencil, the abacus was the most advanced device for crunching numbers. Before the abacus, the only methods people had to use for their mathematical calculations were their fingers and toes, or stones in the dirt.

Is the abacus still used today?
Yes, even today in certain parts of the world the abacus is still used as a primary counting device or as a backup to more modern counting devices.

Why should I learn or teach the abacus?
Learning to use the abacus helps teach you a new way of counting and how to add and subtract using complementary numbers. By learning to solve problems in new ways, you can come up with better and often easier solutions to all sorts of problems.

QMAT Program Works On Holistic Aproach Of Learning & Whole Program Is Based On



Benefits Of QMAT Program

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