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3Plus Education has been established in 2018 by a Team having experience in Education Industry.  It firmly believes in “Be Educated Be Empowered” & Services offered are focused towards Continuous Learning & Upgradation i.e. Education, Empowerment & Empathy of an Individual. 3Plus Education offers wide choices of Services & Program catering all age groups. 

3Plus Education meticulously understand an Individual need , ensure right service/ program enabling them to face any challenge effectively with Self Confidence & Positive Attitude. 3Plus Education firmly believes that along with Education & Empowerment, Empathy does play an important role at personal & professional front & therefore our services/ program covers that aspect. 




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Jigar Pathak

MBA Finance

Hetal Gajjar

Msc Microbiology, MBA Marketing

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Our Services

English - Art of Communication

English is the language of international discourse. It is a global language of science, technology, academia and business making it a true lingua franca.

Overseas Education

Complete Management of Ahead Division is done by 3Plus Education. “Ahead” opens Plethora of Opportunities to Aspirants interested in Overseas Education.

Qubaatic Activity Center

Various training programs based on advanced Self Assessment tools & techs, thought provoking exercises, various creative visualization & state of Art techniques.

Marketing & Branding Consultant

3Plus Education Designs a complete Marketing Branding Concept layout covering Direct Marketing, Mass Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Event Management.

PG Mgmt Courses

ISME is a revolutionary Academic ecosystem with a focus on creative thinking and design-led innovation.

Corporate Training

We Organise Motivational Seminars, Teacher's Training, Outbound Field Trips & provide Management Solutions.

We are dedicated to bring results

We provide the best coaching which is proven to bring results.


All ISME QMAT Activity Center

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3Plus Education has been conceptualized by a Team of Professionals having combined experiences in Education & Corporate Industry. The Team firmly believes in “Be Educated Be Empowered”.

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