Art Of Communication

“The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership” - James Humes

English is the language of international discourse. It is a global language of science, technology, academia and business making it a true lingua franca. Therefore, it is perhaps the most widely learned second or foreign language around the world. Keeping this in mind, we have innovatively designed this unique English language learning programme to help learners acquire communicative skills and become independent learners.

English has become the leading language of International discourse & widely learned second language around the world. This program is innovatively designed to strengthen an individual’s life & thinking skills by encouraging them to communicate in English in most practical way in all social situations.

School Projects

3Plus Education offers English language programmes for school students with an objective to develop their communicative skills in English. The courses cover all language skills with emphasis on spoken skills. The syllabus, course material and classroom activities are designed by our academic partner Fluentlingua, an institute founded and run by Dr Dharmendra Sheth. He is a renowned academician with expertise in language teaching, teacher training and corporate training. 3Plus Education teachers are personally trained by him and his team of experts.

Knowledge Partner

Fluentlingua Logo
DRS Dharmendra Sheth

Founder & Chief Trainer
BA MA PhD English
TESOL Core Certificate Program (CCP), Wisconsin University, US
Grammar Courses – 1 and 2, TESOL International, US
A “Published Author” of Cambridge University Press
Proprietor, Fluentlingua Language Training and Research Centre, Surat
Member, Advisory Board, ELTIS and SIFIL, Language Institutes of Symbiosis, Pune
Ex. Member, Academic Committee, Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Surat

Our satisfied Clients and Associates

English for Little Champs (ELC)

ELC is a comprehensive program covering all aspects of English. It is specially and meticulously crafted by Fluentlingua to instil Communicative English Skills in Young Learners. The duration of the programme is four years, three hours per week. The philosophy is simple—Learn with Fun.

Target audience: Students of Standard 4 to 8 (any medium)


ELC 1st Year

Essential vocabulary

Sounds & Spellings

Primary Functions

Elementary social exchanges for etiquette

Pronunciation of day-to-day words

Introduction to rhymes

Simple stories and songs

Word games

ELC 2nd Year


letters of the English alphabet, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, tongue twisters, limericks, rhymes, stories, etc. 


Self-introduction, asking and answering questions, useful phrases, describing things, places, etc., reading aloud of a paragraph, primary expressions for communicative functions such as thanking, requesting, apologizing, comparing, contrasting, etc.


Reading groups of words, short passages; reading for meaning. 


Common words in everyday use, spelling rules, sequencing, framing questions, capitalisation, punctuation marks, etc.


An alphabet game, opposite words, similar words, suffixes and prefixes, word hunting, words followed by prepositions, binomials, subject-wise terminology.


Articles, nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, and prepositions, prepositional phrases, imperatives, tenses (simple present/past/future and present continuous), frequency words, primary modals such as can, may and should, 'Wh' questions, etc.


Letters of the English alphabet, vowels in different positions, consonant clusters, removing mother tongue influence, etc.

ELC 3rd Year


Stories, minimal pairs in isolation, minimal pairs in sentences, parts of classic stories, dictation, etc.


Self introduction in detail, communicative functions such as advising, warning, offering and requesting, free expression practice, describing situations, reading aloud of passages, situational conversation, etc.


Inspirational quotations, one-liners and some-liners, classic stories, strategies for comprehension such as skimming, scanning and inferring, reading for fun, trying hand at authentic texts from newspapers, magazines, etc.


Introduction of self and others, personal messages, notes, notices, letter/emails, diary writing, etc.


Similes, similar words, relationship terms, confusing pairs and groups, expanding a word with affixation, situational vocabulary such as words for natural calamities, environment and entertainment, weather terminology, collocations, homographs and homophones, etymology, technical terminology, etc.


Uses of modals such as must, mustn’t, have to, needn’t, would, should, could, etc., conditional sentences type 1 and 2, verb patterns such as V1+ to-V2 and V1+ V2-ing, continuous and perfect tenses, conjunctions, synthesis and signal words.


Consonant clusters, word stress, rhythm, intonation, dealing with advanced MTI, clarity, diction, style, etc.

ELC 4th Year


Foreign accents, watching parts of English movies and international TV shows such as on BBC, CNN, ESPN, and National Geographic, English songs, presentations, dialogues, informal and formal communication, etc.


Reading to influence, fluency activities, public speaking, presentation skills, debates, group discussions, interviews, etc.


Deciphering complex passages using co-text and context, a variety of texts to compare vocabulary and structures, reading famous international authors, etc.


Essays, speeches, invitations, complaints, etc., cohesion and coherence, editing, report writing, writing with a purpose, résumé/ application/C.V, etc.


Phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions, academic vocabulary, recording words, ways of improving vocabulary, etc.


Perfect continuous tenses, comparative structures, modals + perfect infinitives, conditional sentences type-3, passive voice, reported speech, special patterns, complex prepositions, types of sentences, etc.


Features of connected speech, sentence stress and tunes, assimilation, elision, intrusion, recitation, etc.

Customised Training

3Plus Education also offers customised training programmes to improve English language skills of teachers, professionals, businessmen and employees.